Manufacturing and Operations

Supervisor with tablet at Brampton manufacturing plant

A manufacturing job at Maple Leaf Foods opens the door to a variety of innovative and challenging roles.

A manufacturing job at Maple Leaf Foods opens the door to a variety of innovative and challenging roles. You’ll be at the forefront where food is made!

Our goal is to make great tasting, high-quality food in a safe work environment, every day.

There are a range of opportunities in manufacturing!

We are constantly evolving and expanding to keep up with growing customer and consumer demands. We invest in our facilities and our people to meet these demands.

Automated hot dog production at Saskatoon manufacturing plant

Here’s a snapshot of what you’d be doing at Maple Leaf Foods:

  • Gain extensive knowledge and mentorship in each area of manufacturing
  • Lead and offer guidance to team members on the plant floor
  • Look for new ways to increase production rates
  • Be an advocate for food and workplace safety

Run our plant operations

Our Operations leaders know what it takes to run daily operations smoothly at our plants. They develop, recommend, and implement best-in-class manufacturing processes and continuously look for ways to improve efficiencies. They believe deeply that team member safety is paramount, and they strive for zero injuries at the workplace.

Hamilton Plant, production supervisor
Washing equipment at Maple Leaf Foods plant

Sanitation at our plants

Making safe food is our top priority and sanitation is essential to our food safety programs. We practice rigorous sanitation each day on each production line using the most sophisticated strategies. We are scrupulous about our personal protective gear and practices to keep the plant sanitary while operating. We disassemble large equipment that chops, blends, slices and packages products so that we can clean every surface with a disinfecting spray foam and hot water.
In fact, our sanitation program is so sophisticated that our team leaders teach a leading industry sanitation course!  

Want to oversee how food is made? Join us!