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A Family of Brands

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At Maple Leaf Foods, we have your trusted and loved brands. We make nutritious, delicious and sustainable foods that meet your changing dietary needs and palates.  

Fantino & Mondello

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Fantino & Mondello offers authentic Italian charcuteries with a modern twist, crafted in Canada with premium ingredients, honouring the simplicity and freshness of Italian cuisine. We adhere to traditional Italian craftsmanship introduced to Montreal by our ancestors, 70 years ago. Since then, we’ve never stopped creating absolutely delicious products that elevate culinary and social experiences, celebrating la dolce vita (the good life).

Field RoastTM

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For all the flavour trailblazers! Prepare to transform your everyday meals into seriously delicious creations. With our obsession to craft bold flavour profiles, we blend vegetables, grains, legumes and fresh herbs and spices to create mouth-watering, plant-based meats and cheeses. We bring out flavours that take your must-indulge-now recipes to the next level.

Grab’N SnackTM

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Embrace what you crave! Grab’N Snack™: ‘N Tasty, ‘N Protein, ‘N Portable, ‘N Anything!

Greenfield Natural Meat Co.®

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We exist to make a better world by making meat right – better food, better care for our animals, better communities, and a better planet.


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At Lightlife™, we’re all about making nutritious and delicious plant-based food. Our food is made of simple, recognizable plant-based ingredients.

Lunch MateTM

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No time to make lunch? Never fear, Lunch Mate™ is here! Now with improved recipes, no artificial colours or flavours, Lunch Mate™ lunch kits are the perfect way to make lunch fun.

Maple Leaf®

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Maple Leaf® believes high-quality protein is the foundation for healthy, growing bodies, so we prepare natural, delicious protein to nourish Canadian families. We’re for Real.

Mina® Halal

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Mina® is committed to providing consumers with a variety of wholesome and high-quality Halal food products. Our products are certified by the Halal Monitoring Authority (H.M.A.), strictly adhering to the most stringent halal process, and always Zabeeha by Hand.


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Schneiders® offers delicious tasting, premium meat products. We’ve crafted our food with patience and care since 1890. We always take the time we need to make delicious food you can serve with pride. In the end, quality is what matters, and quality never gets old.


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Maple Leaf® Think FOODSERVICE makes delicious, high-quality protein products for the food service industry across North America.

More from our family of brands

Maple Leaf Prime®

Brand - Prime logo

Our goal is always to provide better food that tastes great – all proudly raised on Canadian farms. We take the greatest care in ensuring all Maple Leaf Prime® products are the highest quality, so you can take pride in how you feed your family.

Maple Leaf® Natural Selections®

Brand - Natural Selections

Maple Leaf® Natural Selections® deli meat is proudly made with real, simple, natural ingredients. We’re for real.

Big Stick! Bologna

Maple Leaf Big Stick bologna

Serve up a classic Canadian favourite with Big Stick!™ This bologna lunch meat is crafted from our quality cuts of meat and seasoned with spices that give the meat its distinctive taste.

Cappola Foods

Cappola Foods

Dating back to 1867, the family craft has been passed down through many generations of Cappolas. Today, we continue to produce premium Italian meats using the same artistry and care that the Cappola family is known for.

Deli Express®

Deli Express - Ham, Bacon, Salami

Deli Express® is a proud Canadian brand, making family favourites, such as ham, chicken, roast beef, salami and bacon since the 1970’s.

Holiday® Luncheon Meat

Holiday Luncheon Meat

Holiday® Canned Luncheon Meat makes it easy to ensure a tasty lunch is always on hand.


Brand - Hygrade

With us it’s BBQ! Enjoy Hygrade® on the grill with friends and family – it’s the classic that everyone enjoys.


Larsen Foods

Available in Atlantic Canada and Nowhere Else! The Larsen Company was founded by Henry D. Larsen in 1939, with in a small meat processing business with the knowledge he learned in the old Country. Today, we pride ourselves in ensuring that same quality.

Main Street Deli

Brand - Main Street Deli

Main Street Deli™ offers delicious deli meats the entire family will love.


Mitchell's Always Welcome logo

With proud origins in Western Canada, you will find our food at the heart of connections where meals and memories are made.

Olympic® Craft Meats

Olympic meats Canada

Olympic® Craft Meats is proud to serve Canadians delicious meals that makes entertaining easy!

Parma® Italian deli meat

Parma Italian deli meat

Making traditional Italian deli meat for Canadian families.

Shopsy’s® Deli-Fresh

Shopsy's Deli-Fresh

Since the 1920’s, Shopsy’s® has specialized in producing fresh and delicious meats for Canadian families.

Sunrise® Meats

Sunrise Meats

Founded in 1971 in New Brunswick, Sunrise® Brand deli meats offer rich, bold flavour the whole family will savour.

Swift® Meats Canada

Swift meats Canada

We love meat. Not just a little – we love it a lot. That’s why we offer meat-lover options with our canned meats and pastry selections. Enjoy life fully – fully – loaded that is.

Mère Michel®

Brand - Mere Michel

Bringing tradition to Quebecois tables since 1965.