We make

Good Food
for Canadians

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We’re a sustainable protein company determined to transform the food industry and reconnect people with good, nutritious, and sustainable food.

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What does making ‘good food’ mean to us?

Good food means different things to different people. And we want to meet those needs! We’re committed to delivering great tasting food made with premium, simple and natural ingredients and lower sodium levels. We’re also focused on helping Canadians make informed food choices by providing easy-to-read and easy-to-understand nutritional labels on packaging.

Being leaders in creating authentic craftsmanship. Being leaders in creating great value. Being leaders who deliver good food and different brand choices. That’s what making good food means to us.

Healthy eating and nutrition

To make healthy choices, we all must be informed about portion sizes and nutrients in the foods we choose. Food labels are an important tool. Our products have transparent food labels to help Canadians make healthy and nutritious food choices.

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Constantly innovating to bring healthy food to your family

We’re constantly thinking about our consumers’ evolving tastes. We collaborate, we research, we create innovative products, we test over and over again – and we deliver the products our consumers want.

Introducing our inaugural
2022 Integrated Report

Our new Integrated Report builds on nearly a decade of sustainability reporting and presents a more holistic view of our Company. We continue to evolve our reporting process every year to meet changes in the reporting and regulatory landscape and growing demands from our stakeholders.