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Grab’N Snack™
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Grab’N Snack on the go

Energy-packed protein snacks

Made with real meat and cheese for a balanced combination you can feel good about eating. Grab’N Snack™ Snack Packs give you that energy boost to keep you going throughout your day!

Fast and fun snacks for all!

Convenient snack packs are ready to serve, sealed for freshness, and mess free, so the whole family can enjoy easy school or work snacks on-the-go.

Grab’N Snack in a lunch box
Grab’N Snack originals

Meet the Originals

Grab’N Snack™ Originals are tasty, protein-packed kits combining family-friendly meat, cheese and treat. Available in two flavourful offerings.

Meet the Xtremes

Grab’N Snack Xtreme™ Snack Packs are for fans of food with a bit of a bite. Featuring spicy meat, cheese and treat. Available in two fiery options not for the faint of heart or tame of taste buds.

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