We’re dedicated to

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to advancing our collective purpose and vision, living our values, and delivering winning results.

We’re so much stronger

We’re so much stronger when we know we’re accepted and valued for who we are and what we each bring to the workplace.

We believe in the benefits a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace brings.

Supervisors on production floor wearing PPE
Maple Leaf Foods employee Max

A diverse and inclusive work environment

It’s a work environment that inspires curiosity, creativity, and innovation. It’s an environment where all people feel valued for their uniqueness. It’s a place where people feel heard, seen, and that they belong. It’s a workplace where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and succeed.

Diversity and Inclusion blueprint

Our strategic plan to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion

We believe in building, investing in, recognizing, and rewarding remarkable people who value an inclusive workplace, embrace all forms of diversity, and commit to including every voice in our collaborative environment.

Our Values guide our decisions. They compel us to confront hard truths through education and action. We know we all have a role to play in building a more equal, just, and inclusive world.

Our strategic Diversity and Inclusion Blueprint guides our approach to building an environment where all our people feel they are seen and heard and that they belong. We aren’t perfect, but we’re committed to getting better every day.

Four Pillars

  1. Drive Accountability to Represent the Communities We Serve: Educate and empower people leaders to set measurable goals, and champion and realize our company-wide commitments and goals.
  2. Align Our People Practices to Our Values: Audit, evaluate and embed diversity awareness and inclusive practices into people programs and policies to mitigate bias and make talent practices fair, equitable, and reflective of our Values.
  3. Facilitate Deep Listening and Nurture Curiosity: Enable people to convene, learn, share, and elevate desired action. Foster curiosity and encourage people to listen and understand.
  4. Foster Cultural Change that Creates Broad Engagement: Build awareness and understanding around the spectrum of individual and organizational behaviours that reinforce cultural outcomes to motivate personal change commitments.
Curtis Frank, Maple Leaf Foods President and COO.

“I care deeply about Maple Leaf Foods and our people. I envision a workplace where everyone can thrive, where our individuality is valued and celebrated. I invite everyone to explore what diversity and inclusion mean to you, and how you can foster a workplace of inclusivity.”

– Curtis Frank, President and CEO

Maple Leaf Foods employee Michelle

“I enjoy working at Maple Leaf Foods because of the people, the culture, the energy and vibe of the organization. As the Lead of the Women’s Impact Network, I’ve seen, and had the pleasure of hearing from others on, the progress we’ve made. Here, it’s possible to make a difference, add value, and learn and grow from the insights, expertise, lived experience our colleagues share. What makes a work community strong is its people, all different and unique and worthy of celebrating.”

– Michelle, Prepared Meats
Co-Lead of Women’s Impact Network (WIN)

Maple Leaf Foods employee Camille

“Diversity and inclusion at work means so much to me as it evokes a sense of belonging and comfort. A sense of worth, importance and recognition for just being your authentic self. When you see someone that looks like you in various parts of the business, you feel seen, and you’re inspired as representation truly matters.”

– Camille, Sourcing

Maple Leaf Foods employee Amit

“Maple Leaf Foods’ commitment to building more diverse and inclusive teams has meant that I have leaders that look like me to identify with and be mentored by, and I’m encouraged to be a mentor to others. The development and expansion of our Employee Resource Groups provides an opportunity to deeply engage in this space and be part of making a difference and building for a brighter future.”

– Amit, Internal Optimization and Execution

Maple Leaf Foods employee Marcos

“Being part of an organization that is truly committed to inclusion helps for creating a sense of belonging. Everyone gets to participate in company events and that translates to everyone being open to dialogue in the day-to-day. It’s being included in the small things that leads to inclusion for the bigger things and that makes me feel like I belong here.”

– Marcos, Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting women at Maple Leaf Foods

We’ve introduced a number of programs and initiatives to support women at Maple Leaf Foods. We’re breaking down barriers to their inclusion and advancement into leadership roles. And we’ve seen improvements!

In 2022, women accounted for:

46% of our salaried team and 42% of our hourly team
36% of director roles (38% increase since 2017)
30% of vice president roles (65% increase since 2017)
42% of manager roles
39% of all manager and above roles are held by women

Maple Leaf Foods employee Karyn
Our Employee Resource Groups are instrumental in helping build and sustain a sense of belonging. They reflect our diverse and inclusive workplace.

AccessAbility unites people with visible and invisible disabilities, team members with loved ones with disabilities, and allies, creating a community and culture that empowers and values all abilities, and works to advance Maple Leaf Food’s accessibility and accommodation strategies.

EcoAction is a network of colleagues that is passionate about protecting the planet and promoting a sustainable future. Their aim is to inspire the sharing of knowledge, experience, and passion for the environment, promote sustainable working and living and empower employees to take action.

Maple Leaf Pride & Allies fosters psychological safety so that our people are assured a safe, welcoming, and empowering environment when they come out at Maple Leaf Foods. It supports the professional and personal growth of LGBTQ2S+ team members, and builds awareness and understanding, so that all our people know how to be better allies.

The Mental Health Advocacy Network works to build mental health awareness and reduce stigma across the Company and supports team members with learning and a community. The team is passionate about fostering safe and brave spaces and actively support Maple Leaf Foods’ You Are Not Alone initiative.

The Multicultural Advocacy Network (Multi-CAN) is committed to sharing knowledge, promoting cultural fluency and celebrating the strength of our differences. Multi-CAN’s Indigenous Friends Circle promotes truth, reconciliation and healing, for only by acknowledging the truth of the past and its ongoing legacy and impacts can we take meaningful action towards reconciliation. Together, we honour, respect and celebrate the cultures and significant contributions, past and present, of the First Nations of Turtle Island, now known as North America.

The Women’s Impact Network (WIN) advance gender equality by creating meaningful connections so that all talent thrives at Maple Leaf, and its Women in Manufacturing chapter works to attract, engage and advance women in Manufacturing to close the gender gap and unleash the full potential of our talent.

Introducing our inaugural
2022 Integrated Report

Our new Integrated Report builds on nearly a decade of sustainability reporting and presents a more holistic view of our Company. We continue to evolve our reporting process every year to meet changes in the reporting and regulatory landscape and growing demands from our stakeholders.