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We welcome international candidates

At Maple Leaf Foods, we warmly welcome international candidates to join our team.

Regardless of your current location, if you’re looking for a position and have the proper credentials and skills, we encourage you to apply.

On this page, you’ll find information on how to find work in Canada, including at one of our 25 plants across the country. With approximately 13,500 Team Members, we look forward to meeting you and seeing how your skills and experience can fit into our growing team!

Learn more about working at Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods has been a responsible employer of foreign nationals since 1995. Currently, our company employs almost 1,700 foreign nationals in our facilities across Canada. With the collaboration of federal, provincial, and global agencies, we support pathways to careers in Canada.

Learn more about working at Maple Leaf Foods by exploring our About Us page, our company History, our Leadership Values we live by, Our Commitments to our people and the environment, and explore the many notable Brands under our umbrella.

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Front of Maple Leaf Foods poultry plant in London, Ontario

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

Temporary Foreign Workers Program at Maple Leaf Foods

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is designed to help employers who struggle to find qualified Canadian workers. The program permits eligible foreign workers to work in Canada for a limited period of time.

There are several different streams within that program which allow companies to seek and hire employees from abroad. To access this program, employers must obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Visit the federal government’s website to learn more about the TFWP program: Hire a temporary foreign worker with a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

To research other ways to live and work in Canada, we encourage you to visit the Government of Canada website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I apply to Maple Leaf Foods as an international applicant?

If you are interested in applying from outside Canada, you can visit the Canadian Job Bank to search for open positions for which we hire internationally. Just simply go to advanced search and enter ‘Maple Leaf Foods’ into the employer box. Our job postings will guide you to the appropriate place to submit your application. 

Does Maple Leaf Foods provide Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) based positions?

Depending on our hiring needs, Maple Leaf Foods may offer LMIA based positions for certain occupations. To find out what positions are available, please visit the Canadian Job Bank.

Who can I contact about questions regarding international recruitment?

For any and all inquiries related to international recruitment, please email the International Recruitment Office at

How can I apply if I am in Canada?

If you already possess a Permanent Resident card and/or an Open Work Permit, please visit our career website to look for available opportunities in Canada.

How shall I know that I have received a fraudulent job offer from Maple Leaf Foods Inc.?

While we encourage you to explore job opportunities at our company, we also urge you to be cautious of recruitment scams in which fraudsters pretend to represent Maple Leaf Foods. We work with various recruitment agencies in different parts of the world to ensure our hiring practices meet the highest standards and protocols. With this being said, we do not engage with any agency that charges fees for jobs at Maple Leaf Foods. If you have received an offer that you suspect is fraudulent, we encourage you to report this activity to your local authorities.

Support for Ukrainian Refugees

Canada is one of the welcoming countries that opened its doors to Ukrainian newcomers. A Canada-Ukrainian Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) has been made available for those fleeing Ukraine and their immediate family members. It offers Ukrainians and their family members free, extended temporary status and allows them to work, study, and stay in Canada until it is safe for them to return home.

Maple Leaf Foods is committed to providing Ukrainian applicants with available opportunities at our company to support them during these difficult times. 

If you are a Ukrainian newcomer, you can look for Maple Leaf Foods opportunities at the Jobs for Ukraine – Job Bank and our Job Search page. Newcomers to Canada can access information about our jobs through local settlement services.

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