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Greenfield Natural Meat Co.®

Greenfield bacon

We founded Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® in 2015 in Landmark, Manitoba, with a goal to make sustainable meat attainable. Today, we’re more than just a meat brand. We’re a meat brand with a purpose: to make a better world by making meat right.

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Greenfield raised humanely

The Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® difference 

We all deserve meat made right, which is why Greenfield Natural Meat Co.®® goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure our animals are raised humanely.  
Raising our animals humanely is at the core of what we do. We strive to be a leader in animal care, and we share our knowledge hoping that our practices elevate regulations across the industry.

We are now Gestation Crate Free

We’re committed to raising our animals humanely, which is why we are proud that we are Gestation Crate Free. We use our unique Advanced Open Sow Housing system for our pregnant pigs (sows) so they have the freedom to roam, play and explore.

Maple Leaf Foods open sow housing
Greenfield back bacon

Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® products

Our products are made from animals raised without the use of antibiotics – ever. Our producers follow standards of care that enable them to raise healthy animals without the need for the routine use of antibiotics.

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