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Field RoastTM

Field Roast sausage

For all the flavour trailblazers! Prepare to transform your everyday meals into seriously delicious creations. With our obsession to craft bold flavour profiles, we blend vegetables, grains, legumes and fresh herbs and spices to create mouth-watering, plant-based meats and cheeses. We bring out flavours that take your must-indulge-now recipes to the next level.

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Our Food Story

Rooted in indulgence

Our chef-led origins began in Seattle over twenty years ago. The combination of European charcuterie methods and the Asian mien ching traditions to craft plant-based meats and cheeses from grains, fresh-cut vegetables, herbs, and spices became a winning process that paved the way for all the enticing and delicious food we continue to create today. In 2018, we joined the Greenleaf Foods family to continue our growth!

Field Roast stadium dog
Field Roast sausages

Flavourful plant-based sausages

Our plant-based sausages bring bold flavour to any dish. They’re seasoned to perfection – so sizzle them on your grill and level up your dinner with our plant-based favourites.

Creamy plant-based cheese

Expertly crafted by the makers of Field Roast™, Chao Creamery offers indulgent and flavourful plant-based cheeses that elevate the everyday with a smooth, melty experience unlike any other. Artfully blended with fermented ingredients for a richer, one-of-a-kind flavour, our artisan slices, shreds, blocks, and dips make every bite more remarkable.

Chao plant-based cheese

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