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Our partnership with Deloitte on our journey to becoming carbon neutral

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Deloitte has been a pivotal member in providing expertise on our sustainability strategies

Becoming world’s first major carbon neutral company took vision and commitment, and our journey to achieve that vision is described in an inspiring new documentary style video released by Deloitte. 

Through a series of interviews filmed at our Walker Drive and Heritage plants, company leaders described how we partnered with Deloitte in building our strategy and executing it. The inspiring story is now being shared globally after video segments premiered at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  

“Sustainability shows up in everything that we do. It’s not a slogan on the wall or a poster in a hallway,” said our President and COO, Curtis Frank.  “We’ve changed what goes into our food. We’ve changed the way we raise our animals. We’ve been able to grow outside the Canadian market and into the U.S. largely because we have a point of difference now that makes us unique in the marketplace,”

The Science-Based Targets (SBT) Initiative is a globally respected standard-setting organization that aims to drive ambitious climate action in the private sector by enabling organizations to set science-based emissions reduction targets. As part of Maple Leaf’s journey to carbon neutrality, we set our own SBTs. 

“We became one of the first animal protein companies in the world to get a science-based target set in 2019.  And then we had to find ways to produce our food more efficiently with fewer resources,” said Chief Food Safety and Sustainability Officer, Randy Huffman said, explaining that the effort involved finding ways to use hot water more efficiently, to cook our products more efficiently, to reuse materials and to find renewable resources.

Company Executive Chair and CEO Michael McCain closed the video by observing, “The challenges that we have in humanity around are climate question are profoundly important, generationally. I think all of our team members are incredibly proud of the steps we’re taking towards doing our part in finding a better future.”

You may view the video below.

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