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To Be the Most Sustainable Protein Company on Earth

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The world’s food system in 2050 won’t look like the food system of today. It can’t.

“Our food system must change.”

Among society’s most urgent challenges is the need to close a 70 percent food gap between calories that are currently available and expected caloric demand by 2050, when the world’s population is expected to exceed 9 billion people. More and more resource-intensive livestock production, particularly of beef, isn’t the answer, as it puts tremendous pressure on the air, water and land we all share.

To sustainably feed and nourish generations to come, our food system must change.

SignatureWe believe it is possible to offer the world good, nourishing food that’s sustainably produced and responsibly consumed. But it will take a global effort to transform our food system. Together, we’ll have to innovate, moderate and adapt. At Maple Leaf Foods, we have embraced the challenge and committed ourselves to making the needed changes.

We have united behind an aspirational purpose – to Raise the Good in Food. We will pursue shared value that creates business value through addressing society’s needs. This spans a dramatic transformation of our flagship Maple Leaf brand, replacing anything artificial with simple, natural ingredients; investments and process changes to reduce our environmental footprint by 50% by 2025; building a diverse and inclusive culture where talent thrives; advancing high standards of animal care; and advancing food security through our charitable foundation, the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security.

Welcome to the new, where we will share our stories as we advance our vision to become the most sustainable protein company on earth.

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–Michael H. McCain, President and CEO