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Recognizing our Food Production Heroes

Plant worker wearing PPE protection

We’re living in an unprecedented time. COVID-19, a pandemic affecting the entire world has greatly altered the way our societies operate and how people are currently living their day-to-day lives.

The world has made major sacrifices in a great effort to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Educators and students have shifted to online learning to stay home, major industries have been greatly impacted, while small businesses and entrepreneurs have closed their doors to do their part and stop the spread.

The food industry’s role is like health care – more critical than ever – and for the people who do the hands-on work, remote work is not possible.

Maple Leaf Foods team members #MakingFoodPeopleNeed Our Maple Leaf Foods and Greenleaf Foods plant teams and everyone at Maple Leaf Agri-Farms are working harder than ever to care for our animals and to keep up with surging demand for retail meat, poultry and plant-based products, and for the foodservice items people are enjoying now via takeout and home delivery services.

Maple Leaf Foods team members #MakingFoodPeopleNeed The sacrifice and dedication of our team members is truly inspiring. They are part of an integral system essential to supporting us during this difficult time and nourishing families with the food products our communities and people rely on their dedication to their jobs, and the work they are doing to support the food industry is not lost on us. They are the real heroes of our company because they are #MakingFoodPeopleNeed.

Just like we thank our doctors, nurses, and the clerks at grocery stores, it’s important that we all say thank you to the people who continue to fill these essential roles.

Maple Leaf Foods is proud to be an essential industry where our people are committed to #MakingFoodPeopleNeed. Stay strong and together, we will get through this!