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Millions of Canadians Struggle to Put Food on the Table

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In Canada, over 4 million Canadians are food insecure. That means 1 in 6 children, or 1 in 8 households, can’t reliably access the food they need.

As a company that’s been feeding Canada’s families for generations, we believe this is intolerable. Surely in our country, where people pride themselves on values like inclusion and equity, nobody should have to sacrifice nutrition, choose between food and other essentials or skip meals to feed their family. It’s #unCanadian.

With the election quickly approaching, there are a lot of issues to consider–make food security one of them.

Watch these videos to see how this issue is affecting Canadians, then visit the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security to learn how you can take action.


Kerry is a single mom who has experienced first-hand the struggle of trying to make ends meet.


Naja and Hansel are students who say affording food–let alone healthy food–while paying for school expenses is a challenge that is impacting many students’ ability to succeed.


Ervin, Brian and Chuck are empowering people in their remote Manitoba community to overcome challenges associated with a lack of jobs.