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Maple Leaf Ad Airs During Super Bowl LIV

Dished in a drying mat

Since the Super Bowl started in the 1960s, the game’s commercials have become almost as anticipated as the game itself. Marketers expend massive energy creating clever and memorable ads that generate conversation and buzz.

But truly connecting with consumers today – particularly younger consumers – requires more than cleverness. It requires authenticity and values-based messaging that help engender trust among generations that are increasingly more socially conscious. And these generations hear whispers better than shouts.

We know that most Canadians may not fully understand the meaning behind carbon neutrality, or the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, but the topic of “sustainability” and “carbon footprint” has spiked in recent years. Families are eager to become more conscious consumers and to pass the value on to their children. All of this is fuelled by the impatience to do better and to act — something our younger consumers see embodied in their generational icon Greta Thunberg.

Maple Leaf aimed to build awareness of our announcement that we had become world’s first major carbon neutral food company in hopes that we can build more trust with our consumers. We chose a subtle and real message – whispered in comparison to other high-profile ads – to connect with Canadian families during the 2020 Super Bowl.

Our new spot, “Not Just Little Things” or “Pas que de petites choses” acknowledges all the small, but necessary steps we take to make a positive impact and connects them to our significant achievement and belief that we should all remain determined on other, more substantial efforts.

While most brands aim to increase consumption, our ad aims to reflect our company’s classically Canadian values by speaking sincerely and authentically encouraging Canadians to join us in our sustainable efforts to do more.

Our vision is to be the most sustainable protein company on earth and we are proud that our ad aims to reflect the foundational values of our company and our country.