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Innovating with Hitachi

A person using a tablet

11Every aspect of operations at Maple Leaf Foods influences our success, beginning with how animals are cared for, from receipt from the farmers through how meat is chilled, trimmed and packaged. When something goes wrong, it can set off a chain reaction with far-reaching consequences, ranging from reduced product yield to excess waste to food safety issues.

We needed real-time visibility into every aspect of operations to drive actionable insights and immediate responsiveness.

Because Maple Leaf Foods was primarily reliant on manual and paper-based processes, we lacked that 360-degree view and was limited in our ability to take swift action to resolve issues.

That’s when we engaged Hitachi Consulting to undertake the building of a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solution that included sensing and imaging technology, mobile devices, data-driven analytics and accessible dashboards.

Read the full case study on how we did this.

And check out this video below: