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Canadians are HOT for ketchup on their dogs

National Hotdog Day image

As we enjoy a sunny summer season, your summer social calendar may be filling back up again. To help you enjoy summer barbecues with your family and friends, Maple Leaf Foods has updated its ‘Canadian Hot Dog Etiquette’ guide to help you avoid a “frank faux pas” when dining.

The updated Hot Dog Etiquette guide comes just in time for National Hot Dog Day celebrated annually on the 3rd Wednesday of July.

So, what topping should go on a hot dog? Canadians clearly favour ketchup on their wieners, (45%)**. Meanwhile, our neighbours to the south prefer mustard, according to data from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Dog Council.

Although Canadians and Americans differ in their favourite toppings choices, the two nations share a love of hot dogs that is unmistakable.

The Hot Dog Etiquette offers Canadians tips on how to enjoy their beloved wieners – gravy, cheese curds as toppings or eating hot dogs with mittens and gloves. Follow these simple etiquette rules and your next summer barbecue will be stress free.

*Exact total: 916,289,725, source: Nielsen MarketTrack, NAT+NFLD GB+DR+MM, Latest 52 weeks to PE May 22, 2021

** Statistics based on a study of 810 of Meat-Eating Canadians who have eaten Hot Dogs in the past 3 months (May 2021-July 2021) created for Maple Leaf Foods designed and programmed internally using Questionpro software with sample provided by Delvinia Asking Canadians.

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