Protein Pact – For the People, Animals & Climate of Tomorrow

North American Meat Institute: Protein PACT for People, Animals and the Climate of Tomorrow

Maple Leaf Foods leaders were instrumental in the initiation and development of the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) Trust in Animal Protein Task Force, and Maple Leaf’s representative on the NAMI Executive Board fulfilled the role of chairman of the task force. The work of the task force ultimately led to the formation of the NAMI Protein PACT, a multi-species effort that is coordinated and funded by supply chain partners across the various value chains. Maple Leaf leaders are directly engaged in the sub-committee activity of the Protein PACT through the Animal Care, Food Safety, Environment and Human Rights / Labor pillars.  The Protein PACT seeks to earn trust from stakeholders through continuous improvement that demonstrates shared value so that:

  • Consumers concerned about animal protein production and consumption believe the entire animal protein value chain is aligned with their values and is an important part of a socially responsible and healthy diet.
  • The animal protein sector is honest, open, transparent and authentic in evaluating practices, and is seen as such by consumers and stakeholders.
  • There is alignment between producers and processors in building trust (cattlemen and women, pork producers and processors, chicken producers and processors, etc.).
  • The animal protein sector co-exists with those who oppose animal protein today.

"From the inception of the North American meat industry’s vision to align its continuous improvement philosophy with consumer values, Maple Leaf Foods (MLF) has provided a crucial industry leadership role. Not only did leaders from MLF facilitate NAMI board action directing the creation of the Protein PACT framework, but they also provided many hours of input into development of the goals, targets and metrics NAMI members will use to drive success in sustainability commitments across five non-competitive pillar areas. Furthermore, MLF leaders have acted as champions for Protein PACT, generating momentum and support for the vision at key moments during its development, speaking at board meetings, member conferences and committee meetings. MLF’s influence is significant because it “walks the walk” with its own commitment to sustainable meat production. NAMI is grateful for MLF’s partnership and generosity in sharing its expertise with peer processor companies of all sizes for the advancement of the whole industry."

-Julie Anna Potts, CEO, North American Meat Institute