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Digital Farm Traceability and Biosecurity Technology

Our Maple Leaf Agri-Farms and Information Solutions Infrastructure teams co-innovated with Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. to adapt their existing digital traceability technology into a new system called Farm Health Guardian. Farm Health Guardian is a complete, real-time disease spread mitigation platform that tracks personnel and vehicle movements in coordination with the health status of barns or geographic areas. In the event of an animal disease incident, time is of the essence. This system allows our team to impose movement restrictions and conduct biosecurity trace-backs in near real-time, reducing the risk of disease spread and saving hours of work compared with traditional paper-based methodologies. Through the course of our co-innovation, we helped to develop a system that is customized for pork production operations and which allows greater flexibility for different types of digital connections. We have worked with Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. to share this system with other hog producers and pork production companies and with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.