The protein industry plays an enormous role in nourishing billions of people, but also has significant, adverse impacts on the planet.

At Maple Leaf Foods, we are working toward a more sustainable food production and a more sustainable protein industry. We believe the best way to drive change is by creating shared value – delivering value for our Company through addressing the significant environmental and social challenges that we face as a society.

We have set a high bar for ourselves, which will require even more concerted action on our part. To lead in food safety, quality, nutrition and great food. To reduce our environmental footprint. To produce food sustainably. To humanely care for animals. To advance food security for all. To be the most sustainable protein company on earth, supported by the very best and inspired people.

– Michael H. McCain, President and CEO

Creating shared value
Product development
Provide nutritious products and services that address social problems. We can achieve this through reduction and elimination of antibiotic use in animal production.
Use resources efficiently and lower costs. We can achieve this through reduction of energy consumption, waste and water usage.
Community involvement
Support innovative approaches to advancing sustainable food security. We can achieve this through the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security.

Our Sustainable Meat Principles

The food on our tables strengthens our bodies, our spirits and our bonds with each other. Healthful, soulful food, then, should be a universal good and something we all can have.

But our food system has drifted from its roots – to nourish, to farm sustainably, to strive for social good, to connect deeply with our consumers.

We aspire to be the most sustainable protein company on earth.

At Maple Leaf Foods, we believe that we can raise everyone to better living, to a better life, by raising the good in food. To that end, we have developed a set of sustainable meat principles that will help guide and define our future.

Sustainable meat...


is ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and eaten in MODERATION, in BALANCE with other nutrients, consistent with nutritional guidelines.

comes from animals that are RAISED WITH CARE, with MINIMAL use of ANTIBIOTICS, and to standards that RESPECT the Five Freedoms of ANIMAL WELFARE.

is produced in adherence with ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS that measurably REDUCE IMPACTS across the life cycle, LIMITING greenhouse gas EMISSIONS and IMPACTS on WATER quality and quantity, avoiding loss of biodiversity and ELIMINATING WASTE.

is produced through a RESILIENT, FAIR and EFFICIENT food system that makes OPTIMAL USE of LAND and NATURAL RESOURCES.

is produced by a company that is RESPONSIVE to the needs of society and transparently demonstrates our ACCOUNTABILITY to SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.