Sustainability at Maple Leaf Foods

Commitments to sustainability run deep in our business and culture. The world is facing daunting food challenges, and we play a role in meeting those challenges. With a dedicated team and leading consumer brands, we have the size and reach to balance the goodness of nutritious food with advancements in animal care, health and safety, food security and long-term environmental sustainability.


We live in a complex and volatile world – a world which faces profound social challenges rooted in global food insecurity, environmental degradation and other pressing issues.
Our world faces pressing challenges relating to food
–Michael H. McCain

I strongly believe we can advance ‘shared value’ by focusing our business strategies on addressing critical societal needs, which also creates meaningful business opportunities.

Our society faces urgent needs, and the food sector is both part of the problem and the solution. Simply put, we need to serve the world better. We embrace this challenge and believe there are significant opportunities for food companies prepared to lead and change. This is consistent with who we are, the bold commitments we have made, and the changes underway across Maple Leaf.

We are setting a high bar for ourselves, which will require even more concerted action on our part. To lead in food safety, quality, nutrition and great food. To advance food security for all. To humanely care for animals. To reduce our environmental footprint. To produce food sustainably. We have a bold vision to be the most sustainable protein company on earth, supported by the very best and inspired people.

Our Sustainable Meat Principles, described in this Report, are a clear expression of how we will advance sustainable meat production and responsible consumption. Becoming a sustainable protein company is a quest we have been on for several years, and while there is much work to be done, we have accomplished meaningful progress.

We know food can be good. Do good. Taste good. And feed more goodness into the lives of those we serve. This is the challenge and the opportunity we have set for ourselves.


Michael H. McCain
President and CEO

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