Better Food

We are actively addressing the most pressing diet-related health issues we face as a society including reducing artificial ingredients, antibiotic use and sodium levels, and continually advancing leadership in food safety.

As Canada’s largest value-added protein company, we believe that we have an important responsibility to seek to resolve the most pressing diet-related health issues we face as a society. Our commitment to sustainability focuses on progress in all of these areas:

  • Reducing sodium consumption, as Canadians consume more than double the daily amount they need
  • Providing access to nutrition education so Canadians can make informed food choices
  • Improving food safety, as it’s an imperative that demands constant focus and continuous improvement

Our goals and performance

2017 Priorities Status Our Performance 2018+ Priorities
Remove artificial colours, flavours and trans fats from our retail-branded products by the end of 2017. partially achieved We removed artificial flavours, colours and trans fats from all our prepared meats products with the exception of the treats in 11 of our Lunch Kit products. These products are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2018.
  • Execute the commitments of our Food Manifesto for our Maple Leaf brand. Be leaders of the Real Food Movement.
  • Continue to expand our North American leadership in Raised Without Antibiotics (“RWA”) pork, and Canadian RWA poultry.
Continue to expand our leadership in Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA) pork in North America, and in RWA poultry in Canadian. on track

We are transitioning our Maple Leaf Prime brand to 100% RWA.

We remain one of the largest producers of pork Raised Without Antibiotics in North America and the largest in Canadian poultry.

achieved Achieved partially achieved Partially Achieved on track On Track deferred Deferred