Celebrate National Bacon Month with Maple Leaf Foods

When 31 days are better than one.
Bacon on a plate

11It’s safe to say that Canadians love bacon! From the young to the old, sophisticated diners to pickier ones - we can all agree that everything tastes better with bacon. That’s why Maple Leaf Foods has declared the entire month of December, National Bacon Month! National Bacon Day is celebrated on December 30th but we feel that just one day doesn’t do this sensational, salty, savoury fare the justice it deserves. Why only celebrate this delectable dish for one day, when we can honour it for 31! Now, this is something we can all go hog wild for!

The data speaks for itself

In exploring Canadians' bacon infatuation, a Maple Leaf Foods’ Bacon Month Survey* revealed that nearly half (46%) of Canadians believe that bacon makes everything taste better. This uniquely versatile meat is a staple on its own and can also be prepared a variety of delicious ways. The majority (57%) of Canadians prefer to prep their bacon on the stovetop, pan-fried. Another 30% enjoy it grilled or BBQd, and the results are nearly split between Canadians who prefer crispy bacon (42%) or a combination of a bit crispy and a bit soft (49%).

When bacon-loving Canadians were asked about their palate preferences for bacon, many would consider traditional pairings, whether on a burger (82%) or on our national dish, poutine (39%). Tapping into more creative imagination, 21% of Canadians would consider using bacon as an ingredient in pancakes and 7% would even consider using it to make bacon butter.

Did you know? Bacon Bits – Facts and figures:

  • The first bacon factory was opened in Wiltshire, England in 1770[1]
  • “Bacoun” was a Middle English term used to refer to all pork in general. The term comes from various Germanic and French dialects.[2]
  • Pennsylvania artist, Mike Lahue created a Kevin Bacon sculpture out of bacon bits for a charity auction[3]
  • In 2020, Canadians purchased over 53.4 MILLION KGs of bacon![4]
  • 1% of Canadian households purchased bacon in 2019 with the average buyer purchasing approximately 4.1 kgs of bacon a year[5]

Bacon Fact Sheet - Bacon Bits - Header Bacon Fact Sheet - Bacon Bits - Information part 1 Bacon Fact Sheet - Bacon Bits - Information part 2 Bacon Fact Sheet - Bacon Bits - Information part 2


Maple Leaf bacon recipes

We hope we’ve inspired you to bring your meal to the next level with bacon this holiday season. Check out Maple Leaf for some creative bacon recipe ideas and follow us on Twitter @MapleLeafFoods.

Happy National Bacon Month, Canada!!


*Statistics based on a study of 990 Meat-Eating Canadians who have eaten bacon in the past 6 months (June 2021-November 2021) created for Maple Leaf Foods designed and programmed internally using Questionpro software with samples provided by Delvinia Asking Canadians.

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