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Salvadorian Workers Celebrate One Year Anniversary at Brandon Facility

Workers welcome new lifestyle
and benefits that come with working in Canada

December 4, 2003 – Maple Leaf
Pork recognized 43 foreign workers from El Salvador earlier this week on
their first year of work at the Brandon plant.  The 43 workers
arrived as part of a group of 44 employees from El Salvador on December
2nd, 2002 to begin work at the Brandon plant.

“We’re extremely
proud of these employees and congratulate them on achieving this
significant milestone.  They’ve settled into their new jobs at the
plant and display an impressive work ethic,” said Steve LeBlanc, Human
Resources Director of Maple Leaf Pork, Manitoba. “The Salvadorians have
shown themselves to be outstanding ambassadors not just for Maple Leaf but
also in representing their country in the local community.”

The workforce at
Maple Leaf Pork is multicultural and representative of local demographics
and national trends.  Of the approximately 1,300 people employed at
Maple Leaf Pork, over 75% come from the Brandon area, 29% are aboriginal
and approximately five per cent are foreign workers, predominantly from
Mexico and El Salvador.   Of the 43 from El Salvador that remain
at the plant, 40 have applied for permanent resident status.

“It’s been a great
first year in Brandon. On behalf of all the Salvadorian workers at Maple
Leaf Pork, I’d like to thank everyone in the local community who has
reached out to us and our families and made us feel very welcome,” said
Ricardo Alvarez, one of the workers. “We’re very proud of what we’ve
accomplished to date and we’re looking forward to putting down our roots
in Brandon upon obtaining our landed status.”

Maple Leaf Pork is
a division of Maple Leaf Foods Inc., a leading Canadian food processing
company committed to delivering quality food products to consumers around
the world. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the Company employs more than
18,000 people at its operations across Canada and in the United States,
Europe and Asia.