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Rothsay Invests $2.3 Million In Winnipeg Facility To Upgrade Environmental Systems

Winnipeg, MB – Rothsay is investing $2.3
million in air quality upgrades at its Winnipeg
facility on Dawson Road. The investment comes as
a result of collaboration with Manitoba
Conservation and local Windsor Park area
residents over the past six months, through a
process facilitated by Manitoba Conservation’s
Clean Environment Commission.

Rothsay has been working with concerned citizens
and Manitoba Conservation since May 2001 to
identify areas for improvement in Rothsay’s
operations and to discuss the company’s
activities as they addressed recent air quality

The improvements slated for implementation
include additional odour control equipment,
called scrubbers, for several processing areas
within the facility.

“Rothsay has been providing essential
environmental services for Winnipeg and the
surrounding area since the early 1960’s,” said
Ron Vincent, Plant Manager, Rothsay. “We are
committed to working with government and the
community to provide those services in an
environmentally responsible manner.

At a recent meeting, the residents who
participated in the process indicated that they
are encouraged that the company has made a
commitment to improve odours from the plant, and
are committed to following through with the
dispute resolution process.

As a recycler of food waste products, Rothsay
provides an essential environmental service to
the agriculture and food industries by recycling
products, which are used in the production of
numerous materials.