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Rothsay Expands Green Fleet with Moorefield Facility

More than 100 trucks now powered by Rothsay biodiesel

Guelph, ON, August 25, 2009 – Rothsay, a business unit of Maple Leaf Foods Inc., announced today that its Moorefield, Ontario fleet of 25 trucks now runs on Rothsay biodiesel. This brings the total environmentally sustainable fleet to more than100 vehicles. The Moorefield, Dundas and Montreal fleets are fuelled by a minimum five per cent blend (B5) of biodiesel produced at Rothsay’s Montreal facility.

“Expanding our biodiesel blending program to include our Moorefield, Ontario fleet is a testament to the program’s success which now boasts more than 100 trucks utilizing this clean, renewable, environmentally friendly fuel,” said Todd Moser, VP Alternative Fuels, Rothsay. “We’ve had great success running biodiesel blends in our own fleets, even in the harshest winter conditions, at our Montreal operation which provides a practical demonstration of how biodiesel usage can be successful in Canadian weather conditions.”

Rothsay is decreasing its environmental footprint by fuelling its fleet with its own biodiesel fuel produced from animal by-products and recycled restaurant grease. The three fleets combined will consume more than 3 million litres of blended biodiesel annually, the equivalent of eliminating 51 passenger vehicles off the road each year.

Among the key environmental benefits, biodiesel provides an improvement in engine responsiveness and reduction in particulate matter emissions resulting in an approximately 78 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Rothsay began fuelling its Montreal fleet with biodiesel in 2002 and expanded its program to include its Dundas trucks last fall. In addition, the Montreal facility now has two trucks running on 100 per cent blend (B100) biodiesel year-round. Rothsay’s future plans include expanding the fuelling program to other Rothsay operations in Canada where practical.

Rothsay biodiesel is a unique renewable fuel made by converting animal fats and recycled cooking oils into an environmentally sustainable alternative fuel that reduces harmful greenhouse gases, and can be used in all diesel engines today without modification. Rothsay biodiesel is made using a process pioneered and developed at its biodiesel plant in Montreal. Rothsay opened the first commercial-scale biodiesel facility in Canada in 2005 and currently produces approximately 35,000,000 litres annually.

Rothsay is a leader in the Canadian biodiesel industry and one of the largest producers of recycled value-added products including the production of animal feed ingredients, amino acid supplements, and alternative fuel by converting edible and inedible by-products. It operates five rendering facilities nationwide and a commercial-scale biodiesel facility in Montreal.

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