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Raised without antibiotics is the future – because our future depends on it

Being the catalyst for change: how one brand is leading the way

MISSISSAUGA, ON, May 23, 2017 /CNW/ – Choosing meat that’s raised entirely without the use of antibiotics doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits everyone, according to Greenfield Natural Meat Co. With over 80 per cent of antibiotics in Canada used in animal production, Greenfield believes that minimizing or eliminating their widespread use in animals is a critical step to protecting their effectiveness in treating human diseases.

Established in late 2015, Greenfield is built on a simple philosophy: to produce meat in a more natural, sustainable way. That means raising animals without the use of antibiotics – ever.

While the Canadian government has strict regulations in place to reduce the risk of antibiotic residue in meat, Greenfield completely removes them from the animals’ lifecycle to combat the overuse of antibiotics in food production, antibiotic resistance in humans and food born illness.

“The overuse of antibiotics in the food chain is a serious public health issue and animal care issue, and Greenfield has a better way” said Domenic Borrelli, Vice President and General Manager. “We exist to make the world a better place by producing meat a more natural way, and that means saying no to antibiotics.”

Humanely Raised
Greenfield producers follow standards of care that allow them to raise healthy animals without the need for the routine use of antibiotics. This includes a customized, nutritious vegetable grain feed that promotes natural immunity, rigorous animal husbandry and barn management practices to control the spread of disease and continuous monitoring of herd health.

“All of our pigs are raised in open pens where they can freely move around, sleep and socialize with other animals,” said Borrelli. “At Greenfield, we have more than a product, we have a purpose. We are proud to raise our animals in a responsible way.”

Acting More Sustainably
Canadians are increasingly demanding that meat producers operate more sustainably, and it’s reflected in how they shop. In 2016, Greenfield was the number one new grocery brand launched in Canada, outperforming 2,600 brands across 600 categories (Nielsen, 2016).

“Being ranked the number one brand in dollar sales shows Canada’s appetite for more natural meat,” said Borrelli.

To demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, Greenfield produced a “farmvertising” commercial which saw farmers’ fields, already due to be harvested in Landmark, Manitoba, turned into a 70-acre (Canada’s largest) billboard.

“This campaign reinforces Greenfield’s philosophy on a massive scale,” added Borrelli. “We found fields to plough that were already scheduled to be harvested, which ensured there was no unnecessary waste. We also partnered with Tree Canada to offset our carbon footprint from our travel to the location and the brief helicopter ride used for filming, taking every step to make our advertising as sustainable as possible.”

Greenfield’s “farmvertising” campaign can be viewed here, as well as on television, social media and out-of-home displays across Canada.

Canadians looking for Greenfield product information, including recipes from Top Chef Canada’s Andrea Nicholson, or where to purchase Greenfield meat, can visit

About Greenfield
Greenfield is on a mission to make the world a better place by making meat right. This means producing meat in a more natural way, never ever using antibiotics or hormones with our animals and continuing to improve animal welfare. We know that consumers are looking for great tasting food made with simple, natural ingredients, less processing and the elimination of antibiotics and hormones in the animals we raise.

At Greenfield, we make meat that is healthier and more sustainable. At our core we care about our animals. Our animals are:

  • Raised without the use of any antibiotics or hormones – ever!
  • 100% vegetable grain fed.
  • Raised in open pens, where they can freely move around, sleep and socialize with other animals. We are leading the way in converting our sows to open housing, a best practice in North America.

We are proud of where Greenfield is today, but we’re always looking for ways to make even more progress. For more information about us, visit

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