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Maple Lodge Farms launches revolutionary food protection technology – SafeSure(TM)

Innovative High Pressure Processing provides high degree of protection
    for poultry deli products

    BRAMPTON, ON, April 15 /CNW/ - Maple Lodge Farms, a Brampton,
Ontario-based producer of poultry products, has announced the launch of its
SafeSure(TM) High Pressure Processing System (HPP), an advanced food
processing technology for ready-to-eat meats. It is the first poultry
processor in Canada to invest in this technology for its deli products. The
result is exceptional food protection against bacteria such as Listeria,
fresher taste and longer shelf life for Maple Lodge Farms' products when
compared to food which has undergone conventional food-preservation
    The greatest benefit of using High Pressure Processing in processed and
packaged deli products is the disabling of pathogens such as Listeria,
Salmonella and E.coli, as well as bacteria that cause food spoilage.
Implemented as the last step in the process, SafeSure(TM) virtually eradicates
most potential pathogens before the products leave the plant. Because these
products are processed in their packaging, there is absolutely no risk of
recontamination as long as the packaging remains intact.
    A December 2008 survey of Canadians conducted by BrandTrust found that
food safety now ranks virtually equal to freshness when considering purchasing
processed meats - 94 per cent of respondents ranked food freshness as the most
influential factor, with 92 per cent also ranking food safety.
    "Canadians, now more than ever, are vigilant when it comes to food
safety, particularly with ready-to-eat meats found in the deli section," says
Maple Lodge Farms CEO, Michael Burrows. "Maple Lodge Farms is taking a
proactive approach to food safety. As a family-owned company, our goal is to
exceed Canadians' expectations as well as industry standards. By investing in
HPP technology we can provide a high degree of protection for these products
without using additional preservatives - something we believe our consumers
will appreciate."

    SafeSure(TM) High Pressure Processing

    SafeSure(TM) High Pressure Processing is a proven technology in which
foods, such as deli meats, are exposed to extraordinary pressures (87,000
pounds per square inch) for a short period of time. To put this into context,
the deepest trench in the ocean exerts 16,000 pounds per square inch of
pressure, which can crush most living creatures and a submarine hull.
SafeSure(TM) HPP technology operates at five times this pressure. This intense
pressure disables virtually any potentially existing spoilage organism or
illness-causing bacteria found within the product and package - not just on
the surface. However, High Pressure Processing leaves molecules such as many
flavour compounds and vitamins intact. Therefore, taste, nutrition, appearance
and texture remain unaltered in the products.
    HPP is so effective that it is used by NASA as a method of food
preservation for products used on the space shuttle missions.
    The science behind High Pressure Processing is well-proven and offers an
approved alternative to using chemical additives, such as sodium diacete, as
Listeria control measures. The process is recognized by the Canadian Food
Inspection Agency (CFIA), Health Canada, the United States Food and Drug
Administration (US FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Food Safety and Inspection Agency as a highly effective listericidal process.
Sodium diacetate, in conjunction with either sodium or potassium lactate,
works to preserve the level of bacteria that may already be present in the
meat, whereas SafeSure(TM) High Pressure Processing disables them.
    Although High Pressure Pasteurization was first discovered in the 1890s,
it was only in the last decade or so that the technology became efficient
enough for commercial food processing application. Avure Technologies, based
in Kent, Washington, is the developer of Maple Lodge Farms' SafeSure(TM) High
Pressure Processing equipment and the leader in this field.
    "High Pressure Processing has been used very effectively in several other
countries including the United States, Western Europe and Japan," says Glenn
Hewson, Vice President of Global Marketing, Avure Technologies Inc. "HPP
processed foods include fruit smoothies, guacamole, ready meals with meat and
vegetables, oysters, fruit juices and salsa. Other prominent United States
ready-to-eat meat processors have been using this technology very effectively
on deli meats."

    Maple Lodge Farms SafeSure(TM) Products

    "We believe that our customers want fewer preservatives in their deli
products," says Burrows. "Our goal is to provide an extra degree of protection
to our foods in addition to making them healthier and more nutritious.
SafeSure(TM) technology provides the ability to do all this and doesn't use
chemicals in the process."
    Canadians will be able to easily identify Maple Lodge Farms poultry deli
products that have undergone High Pressure Processing by the new SafeSure(TM)
logo on product packaging. Maple Lodge Farms products that have undergone the
SafeSure(TM) process include their ready-to-eat deli products as well as
Chicken Bacon.
    The first Maple Lodge Farms SafeSure(TM) products will be available in
grocery stores across Canada in April 2009.

    About Maple Lodge Farms

    Maple Lodge Farms is Canada's largest independently owned poultry
processor, based in Brampton, Ontario. Established more than 50 years ago, the
goal at Maple Lodge Farms has always been not just to meet industry standards
but to exceed them. In keeping with this tradition, they have implemented this
revolutionary technology as a measure of added food protection for their
customers. The company is continually developing new, innovative and
nutritious chicken products. For more information on SafeSure(TM), visit or

    About Avure Technologies Inc.

    Avure Technologies, based in Kent, Washington, specializes in the design,
manufacturing, installation and global support of high pressure presses and
high pressure pasteurization systems to keep food pathogen-free and fresh
longer. With over 50 years of experience, the company has installed and
serviced more than 1,700 systems in 43 countries. For more information, visit

To schedule an interview with Michael Burrows,
CEO, Maple Lodge Farms; Carol Gardin, Marketing Manager, Maple Lodge Farms or
Glenn Hewson, Vice President of Global Marketing, Avure Technologies, or for
photos and product samples, please contact: Margaret Antkowski or Pamela
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