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Maple Leaf Foods Introduces CEO And Leadership Team – Well Positioned For Growth In 1999 And Beyond


TORONTO, ONTARIO-Michael H. McCain, President and Chief Executive Officer of
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. today announced his leadership team which will take the
company into the next millennium and beyond.

“I am confident this team of senior executives will continue to build on our
accomplishments of the past few years, and will advance our goal of
continuously creating value in the food industry,” said Michael McCain. “To
ensure the future growth of Maple Leaf, one of our primary business strategies
will be development of the highest caliber of leadership skills and values
throughout the company, to drive performance.”

Michael McCain assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of
Maple Leaf Foods on January 1, 1999. Previously he held the position of
President and Chief Operating Officer of Maple Leaf Foods. He succeeds
Archibald D. McLean who left the company at the end of 1998.

Prior to joining the company, Mr. McCain was President and CEO of McCain USA
Inc. and President of McCain Citrus Inc. He is a Director of Maple Leaf Foods
Inc., Canada Bread Company, Limited, and McCain Foods Group Inc., as well as a
Trustee of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. Mr. McCain received his
Honours Business Administration (H.B.A.) from the University of Western Ontario
in 1979.
To more clearly reflect the three core segments of Maple Leaf Foods, the
organization has been aligned to assign specific operating responsibility to an
individual for each group: Meat Products, Bakery Products and Agribusiness.

Richard A. Lan, steps into the newly-created position of President and Chief
Operating Officer, Maple Leaf Foods Bakery Group. Previously, he was President
of Maple Leaf Foods USA. Mr. Lan’s new responsibility will be to lead all Maple
Leaf Foods Bakery operations, which today include two primary operating

Canada Bread Company, Limited in Canada, and Maple Leaf Bakery in the United
States. Consistent with this, he will also become Chairman of Canada Bread
Company, Limited.

J. Scott McCain is appointed to the new position of President and Chief
Operating Officer, Maple Leaf Foods Agribusiness Group. He was previously
Executive Vice-President, Maple Leaf Foods. Prior to joining Maple Leaf Foods,
Mr. McCain spent 17 years in the Manufacturing and Operations divisions of the
McCain organization. His new responsibilities include leading the Shur-Gain
business and Rothsay Rendering, as well as supervising several corporate
functions and the Maple Leaf Potatoes business unit. Mr. McCain is also a
Director of Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Canada Bread Company, Limited, McCain Foods
Group Inc., as well as the Board of Regents of Mount Allison University.

Michael McCain will continue to oversee the Meat Products Group of companies
directly. This includes the newly formed Maple Leaf Pork and Maple Leaf
Consumer Foods, both previously amalgamated as Maple Leaf Meats, as well as
Maple Leaf Poultry and Maple Leaf International.

Roger Dickhout joins Canada Bread Company, Limited as its President and Chief
Executive Officer, having spent fifteen years at international management
consulting firm McKinsey & Company where he was a partner. Mr. Dickhout is
a leader in guiding change and has extensive experience making improvements to
consumer goods companies.

Patrick F. Jones becomes President of Maple Leaf Pork. Mr. Jones was previously
Executive Vice-President of Maple Leaf Meats where he was responsible for
supervising operations including manufacturing, logistics, risk management,
human resources and engineering. Mr. Jones has been with Maple Leaf Foods since

The new President of Maple Leaf Consumer Foods, Steven B. McArthur joined Maple
Leaf Foods in early 1996 as Vice-President, Corporate Development, and then
moved to Executive Vice-President of Maple Leaf Meats in charge of all sales,
marketing and business development activities. Prior to joining the company he
held a number of positions at Bain & Company.

New to the executive team is Darryl Robinson who becomes President of Rothsay
Rendering. He has held several progressive positions in Shur-Gain, Maple Leaf
Poultry and Rothsay as General Manager of Maple Leaf Poultry, Agricultural
Operations and General Manager of Rothsay, Rendering Operations.

Michael Vels moves to the position of Executive Vice-President Finance from his
position of Senior Vice-President, Finance. Having joined the company in 1991,
he has held several senior finance positions of increasing responsibility

Financial Controller, Vice-President and Corporate Controller, and
Vice-President, Finance. Mr. Vels is also Chief Financial Officer of Canada
Bread Company, Limited, and reports to the Chief Financial Officer of Maple
Leaf Foods, Mr. Thomas Muir.

Peter Smith has been appointed Corporate Vice-President, Engineering for Maple
Leaf Foods. In this newly created position, reporting to J. Scott McCain, Mr.
Smith will be responsible for executing all Maple Leaf capital expenditure
programs as well as environmental compliance and factory maintenance support
services. Mr. Smith was previously Vice-President of Engineering at Maple Leaf

Continuing as leaders of their respective performance areas are: Thomas Muir,
Chief Financial Officer; Henry Beben, President Maple Leaf Poultry; Ted Bilyea,
President Maple Leaf Foods International; John Hensel, President, Shur-Gain;
Garry MacDonald, President, Maple Leaf Franchise; George Szewchuk,
Vice-President, Corporate Purchasing; Stephen Dowbiggin, Vice-President and
General Manager, Maple Leaf Potatoes; Rocco Cappuccitti, Vice-President and
Corporate Secretary; and Wayne Johnson, Vice-President Human Resources; and
George MacPherson, Vice-President, Information Systems and Technology.

“This is an exceptional team and I am proud to work along-side each of them
every day,” said Michael McCain. “We will create great things together.”

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is Canada’s largest food processing company with
operations across Canada, in the United States, Europe and Asia. The company’s
products include fresh and prepared meats, poultry, fresh and frozen bakery
products, seafood and animal feeds. Its products are sold to retail, food
service, wholesale, agricultural and industrial customers.