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Maple Leaf Foods Inc. announces results of vote for election of directors

TORONTO, May 3, 2013, 2013 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) –TSX: MFI

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. reports that at its
Annual Meeting of shareholders on May 2, 2013 there were 9 shareholders
voting in person holding 26,387 Voting Common Shares and 431
shareholders voting by proxy holding 117,910,018 Voting Common Shares,
representing in total 440 shareholders holding 117,936,405 Voting
Common Shares being 84.20 % of the total number of Voting Common Shares

Each of the directors listed as nominees in the management proxy
circular dated March 21, 2013 were elected directors of the Corporation
until the next Annual Meeting.

The results of the vote for the election of directors are as follows:

                                                                Number of                  of
                                          Percentage              Shares                Shares
                     Number of                   of              Withheld            Withheld
 Names of             Shares                  Shares                from                  from
Directors           Voted For*             Voted For              Voting*               Voting

W.G.                115,037,431               97.64%            2,778,033                2.36%

G.A.                114,922,453               97.54%            2,893,011                2.46%

J.L.                116,335,538               98.74%            1,478,926                1.26%

D.L.                117,625,925               99.84%              189,539                0.16%

J. Gandz            117,061,947               99.36%              753,517                0.64%

C. R.               115,969,136               98.43%            1,846,328                1.57%

J.S.                105,313,036               89.39%           12,502,428               10.61%

M.H.                115,856,115               98.34%            1,959,349                1.66%

D.E.                116,394,778               98.79%            1,420,686                1.21%

J.P.                116,393,936               98.79%            1,421,528                1.21%

* As the vote for each motion was taken by a show of hands, the number
of votes disclosed reflects
only those proxies received by management in advance of the meeting.

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is a leading food company, headquartered in
Toronto, Canada. The Company employs approximately 19,500 people at its
operations across Canada and in the United States, the United Kingdom
and Asia. The Company had sales of $4.9 billion in 2012.

SOURCE: Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

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SOURCE: Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Maple Leaf Foods Investor Contact: Nick Boland VP, Investor Relations: 416-926-2005
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