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Hub Confirms Arrangements for new New Brunswick Livestock Producers

MONCTON, NB – Hub Meat Packers announced today that alternative processing arrangements have been made for all the hogs, cows and beef cattle processed at its plant.

"We are doing what we reasonably can to help our producer partners during this challenging time. They had no voice in this situation, but it directly effects them," said David Rinzler, President of Hub Meat Packers. "Alternate arrangements have been made for virtually 100 per cent of the livestock processed at the plant."

  • Hogs are being diverted to Larsen Packers in Berwick, Nova Scotia and Garden Province Meats in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  • Cows are being shipped to Quebec. Hub has arranged to collection sites and is transporting the animals from there.
  • Beef cattle are being shipped to Ontario to processing facilities with similar equipment and processes to Hub to ensure product quality and consistency for consumers.

Hub’s procurement team is contacting producers directly to advise them of the best location to send their livestock. Hub has negotiated competitive prices for producers.

The company is also finalizing supply arrangements to ensure retail customers and consumers can continue to enjoy their favourite products.

Negotiations began in June and the company bargained in good faith meeting with both a conciliator and a provincially appointed mediator as recently as October 17, 2000. On October 18, Hub put forward its best offer which included maintaining wages, improvements to the pension, converting a number of part-time jobs to full-time and revisions to contract language. The offer was rejected by the membership.

The current total wage cost (wages and benefits) for full-time employees at Hub is more than $22 per hour. The trend in this industry over the past few years has been rollbacks and concessions. The company’s best offer would have provided stability for all concerned for two years in the face of a very competitive industry.

Hub Meat Packers was established by brothers David, Harold, Gordon and Joseph Rinzler in 1966. The company employs approximately 1,200 people. Plant operations include meat processing, packaging and distribution.

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