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Hub Applies for Government Supervised Vote

Company says employees should
decide on latest offer in effort to end dispute

MONCTON, NB – Hub Meat Packers
Limited announced today that it has applied for a government supervised vote to
allow its 750 employees, members of the United Food and Commercial Workers
Local 1288 P, to vote on the company’s latest offer. The vote will be held on
Thursday November 9, 2000.

“We truly want to resolve this dispute and
welcome our employees back to work,” said David Rinzler, President of Hub. “We
believe our employees should have the opportunity to review the offer and
decide what is best for them.”

The revised offer includes a two-year
extension of the current contract including profit sharing, wages, pension and
benefits and seniority. The company also plans to establish a joint work place
committee to address and resolve ongoing issues.

“This is a very good offer in an industry
that has experienced wage roll backs and concessions. Even now, there are
people on strike at another packing plant over a $5.00 an hour roll-back,”
added Rinzler. “This is our last chance to resolve this dispute quickly. If it
is turned down the dispute will not be quickly or easily settled.”

The company has prepared an opinion of the
offer that will be hand-delivered to employees’ homes for their review.