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Help Maple Leaf #RoarCanadianBacon!

Dear bacon-loving professional hockey players,

November 27, 2015

It has come to our attention that American hockey teams have been having all the fun with bacon, lately.

Hockey fans in St. Louis are rallying behind #RoarBacon. But bacon is Canada’s national treasure.

There’s a reason we call Toronto, Hog Town and Calgary, Cowtown. Does anyone love bacon more than Winnipeggers? The city was once touted as the bacon capital of Canada.

‘Grade A’ Alberta Beef in Edmonton is a staple, but do folks in Ottawa’s ByWard Market like their sizzlin’ steaks more?

We think Vancouver is actually known as The Big Smoke for all the barbecuing they do. And what would Montreal be without its delicious smoked-meat sandwiches?

Bacon has our back in Canada, and we’re inviting all Canadian protein-loving professional hockey teams to take back what’s rightfully ours: #RoarCanadianBacon.

The first professional hockey team to tweet #RoarCanadianBacon @MapleLeafFoods will receive a seasons’ worth of Maple Leaf Natural Selections Bacon. That’s a pack of bacon for every player for every home game – more than 1,000 packages(!) made with simple, natural ingredients you can pronounce.

We hope, with our support, a Canadian team will lead the #RoarCanadianBacon charge! After all, isn’t the key to a team’s success measured by how much bacon its players can eat…?

Your bacon buddy,

Maple Leaf Foods