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Elite Swine Inc. Honours Environmental Stewards

Top producers also recognized

Landmark, Manitoba, August 6, 2004–Elite Swine Inc. today recognized hog producers
who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in environmental
management, with the presentation of Elite Swine’s annual Environmental
Stewardship Awards.
“Clean water, land and air are priorities for Elite Swine and our producer
partners,” said company president Ron Arnason. “Respecting and preserving
the natural resources of the areas in which we live and work helps ensure our
continued ability to earn a livelihood and contribute to the economic stability
of rural communities.”
Winners were selected based on predetermined selection criteria of best practices
involving manure management, community relations, yard site maintenance, animal
husbandry and pest control, among others. Awards were presented to:

· Sow category – Porcherie Gauthier Sow, La Broquerie (Fred Fast)
and Perfect Prairie Pork, Douglas (Jim Green)
· Nursery category – CW Nurseries, Brunkild (Brad Schnell) and
Mineral Creek Nurseries, Ethelbert (Justin DeVos)
· Finisher category – Silverfield, Landmark (Jim Peters) and Northview
Feeders, Gilbert Plains (Lawrence Manchur)

· Sow category – Pinnacle 1, Standard (Colin Down)
· Nursery category – Darren Toews, Linden
· Finisher category – Pinnacle 4, Hussar (Wes Pierce)

· Sow category – Lee Ridge Pork, Norwich (Ron and Brenda Lee)
· Nursery category – Tony and Ria Wouters, Harriston
· Finisher category – Anita and John Breukelman, Dunnville

“The hog industry is leading the way in efforts to be responsible stewards
of the land,” said Arnason. “Today’s winners demonstrate exemplary
animal welfare practices, maintenance of clean and well-manicured yards, proper
management of manure as a nutrient for crop production and positive neighbour

In addition to the Environmental Stewardship Awards, more than 50 production
awards were presented to producers in Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario, encompassing
sow, nursery and finishing operations. Top honours were presented as follows:
· Best Sow Performance—Bristol Swine Inc., Dufrost
· Most Improved 3000 Herd—Porcherie Lac Du Onze, Notre Dame and
Paramount Farms Inc., Kola.
· Most Improved 1500 Herd—Ptarmigan Sow Divisionm Morris and Amber
D Farms, Kola
· Most Improved <1200 Herd—Grant Edel, Ste. Anne
· Best Piglet Quality Award—Supergro Site 1B, La Broquerie
· The “Elite” Sow Barn Award—Porcherie Gauthier Site
1B, La Broquerie and Amber D Farms, Kola
· Best Nursery Performance—Porcherie Gauthier Site 2, La Broquerie
and Tri-Ad Nurseries, Kola
· The “Elite” Nursery Barn Award—Porcherie Gauthier
Site 2, La Broquerie
· Best Finisher Performance—Meridian Farms Ltd., Morris and B&R
Feeders, Boissevain
· The “Elite” Finishing Barn Award—Meridian Farms Ltd.,
· Lifetime Achievement Award—Ferme Prejet, Notre Dame de Lourdes
· Best Sow Performance – Pinnacle Swine Inc. Site 2, Standard
· Best Nursery Performance – Darren Toews, Linden
· Best Finisher Performance – Klaas Den Toom, Nobleford
· Most Improved 3000 Herd – Dynamic Swine Site 2, Drumheller

· Best Sow Performance – Lee Ridge Pork, Norwich
· Best Nursery Performance – Nelson Rohrer, Harriston
· Best Finisher Performance – Rick Konarski, Blyth

Elite Swine is an independent operating company of Maple Leaf Foods. It is
Canada’s largest swine management and support company and coordinates
the production of more than 100,000 sows that produce more than two million
market hogs annually.

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. (TSE:MFI) is a leading Canadian food processing company
committed to delivering quality food products to consumers around the world.
The company employs more than 23,000 people at its operations across Canada,
and in the United States, Europe and Asia, and had sales of $5.0 billion in


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