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Canadian Chicken Just Got Healthier

Exclusive feed mixture yields superior chicken and increased consumer confidence

Toronto, ON – Today, Prime Naturally hits Canadian meat counters with the first national brand of chicken fed exclusively a 100 % vegetable-grain diet, the newest introduction from Maple Leaf Poultry. This innovative NutriPrime feed, developed by researchers at Shur-Gain – an independent Maple Leaf Foods’ operating company, contains a premium blend of vegetable-grain, vitamins and minerals with no animal by-products or animal fats. The result is a leaner product that is 25 per cent lower in fat than Prime used to be, yet delivering all the Prime quality and taste consumers expect.

Prime Naturally is another innovative product from Maple Leaf Foods developed to meet consumer demands,” says Brock Furlong, President, Maple Leaf Poultry. “Consumers are looking for food choices that they can have confidence in as well as feel good about eating and serving to their families. We are committed to delivering products in response to the needs of consumers, especially those who prefer leaner food choices. We encourage everyone to visit for further information, tips and recipes featuring our new chicken.”

“Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing more about the food they eat and are turning to labels for more information,” says Marci Cooper MSc., RD, nutrition expert and Ph.D. candidate. “In my opinion, chicken is a great summertime protein choice. This chicken is 25 per cent leaner than the original Prime brand and the label tells us the whole story – vegetable-grain fed chicken with no animal by-products or animal fats.”

Chef David Chrystian of Toronto’s Patriot Restaurant adds “Chicken is so versatile and easy-to-prepare. When combined with local ingredients, it makes summertime meal preparation a simple but always tasty adventure.” One of chef Chrystian’s summer-themed recipes, Almond-Crusted Chicken Fingers With Napa Cabbage Coleslaw, uniquely created by him to feature Prime Naturally, is attached.

Prime Naturally

is available in a wide variety of boneless and bone in cuts including breasts, thighs and legs. It is the newest addition to the meat counter at all major grocery stores in Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Ontario.

Maple Leaf Poultry is an independent operating company of Maple Leaf Foods Inc., (TSE:MFI,, a leading global food processing company. Maple Leaf Poultry processes fresh chickens at plants in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Ontario, Brampton, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta and has a processed poultry plant in Brantford Ontario as well as a joint venture turkey processing plant in Thamesford, Ontario. Maple Leaf is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company employs more than 13,000 people at its operations across Canada and in the United States, Europe and Asia.