Ben Brooks

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Poultry

Headshot - Ben Brooks

Ben Brooks is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Poultry at Maple Leaf Foods. Ben is focused on expanding Maple Leaf’s presence in the value-added chicken and turkey markets, and enhancing the company’s poultry manufacturing base.

Ben joined Maple Leaf Foods in 2004 and was responsible for leading the Pork Network Transformation program from planning through to implementation. In April 2009, he joined the Fresh Poultry team as Vice President, Business Optimization, where he established the optimal organization and processes to drive profitability across the Fresh Poultry value chain. During that time, Ben was also the business lead for the flagship SAP implementation within the former Maple Leaf Consumer Foods function. In March 2011, he was named Vice President, Complexity Management, where he was responsible for leading the Commercial Transformation teams and implementing a strategic initiative focused on reducing the complexity of product formulations and brands, both at market and plant levels. In January 2014, Ben moved to the Poultry business, and in March of that year he assumed the role of Senior Vice President and General Manager, Poultry.

Before joining Maple Leaf Foods, Ben spent 12 years in the automotive industry working for the Ford Motor Company.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administrative and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Windsor.

Ben actively represents Maple Leaf Foods on Poultry industry issues and is currently Chair of the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council.