Our Rich History

Tracing back well over 100 years


Maple Leaf Foods can trace its roots back well over 100 years through the amalgamation of some of Canada’s premier food companies.

In 1991 the merger of Maple Leaf Mills Limited and Canada Packers Inc. created the company now known as Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Canada’s largest food processor. Four years later McCain Capital Corporation and the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board acquired controlling interest in the company from Hillsdown Holdings plc and remain controlling shareholders today.

Maple Leaf Mills was created in 1961 through the amalgamation of the Maple Leaf Milling Company Limited, Toronto Elevators Limited and Purity Flour Mills Limited. Its origins can be traced back over 170 years to Grantham Mills, built in 1836 in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Canada Packers Inc. was formed in 1927 in Toronto, Ontario through the amalgamation of the Harris Abattoir Company, Gunns Limited and the William Davies Company – Canada’s oldest meat packing company founded in the 1860’s. Canada Packers Inc. dominated the meat processing industry and was a leading researcher, processor and marketer of a wide range of meat and agri products in Canada and abroad.

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. owns 90% of Canada Bread Company, Limited which was founded in 1911 by the amalgamation of five separate companies. In the last 90-plus years Canada Bread has grown to become an important manufacturer of value-added flour-based products including familiar household brands such as Dempster’s™.

Our Rich History

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