Business Operations

Our Bakery Products Group

Our North American and U.K. bakery operations have leading brands and market share as well as the leading national brand of fresh bread in Canada.

Fresh Bakery is a leading manufacturer of nutritious fresh bakery products including whole wheat, organic and multi-grain breads, rolls and artisan bread products. Dempster’s™ is the leading national brand, while a host of other household brands including Ben’s™, POM™, Bon Matin™, Chevalier™ and Olafson’s™ round out the portfolio.

Maple Leaf Frozen Bakery is a leading North American producer and distributor of frozen unbaked, par-baked and fully baked breads, rolls, bagels, and artisan breads for retail and foodservice customers. Brands include Grace Baking, California Goldminer™ and the Wholesome Harvest™ line of premium nutrition products.

Maple Leaf Bakery U.K. is one of the leading specialty bakeries producing bagels, croissants, in-store bakery products and hand-held snacks which are marketed in the United Kingdom and Europe. It operates the largest bagel manufacturing facility in the U.K. and has established New York Bakery Co.™ as a leading brand.

Our Meat Products Group

We're a leading producer of premium fresh and packaged meat products.

Our Agribusiness Group

We're a leading member of the Canadian agribusiness industry.